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Ryan Eka Permana Sakti

Researcher at Indonesian Research Center for Anti-Money Laundering / Combating Financing of Terrorism (IRCA)| Student selengkapnya

Italian Mafia and Its Existence Value Today

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Many people know that the word ‘mafia’ comes from the word ‘mafioso’ in Italian. But not many people can understand what the definition of the word origin of the Mafia, the mafioso. Appeared in 1863, was recorded in a famous play in Italy at the time, ie ‘I mafiusi in la Vicaria’ made ​​by Giuseppe Rizzoto, which tells how the whole gang life in the city of Palermo, Italy. Year 1886, the word ‘mafia’ appears in the Oxford Dictionary of Ancient.

Acts of the Sicilyn Mafia to be one of the famous in the history of organized transnational crime. Because of the behavior of the mafia in Sicily was then known world forms of criminal groups that commit crimes on the basis of shared identity, common interests and goals, which is to enrich themselves and keep the position each member of the group.

Initially, Sicilly led by local indigenous leaders from outside of the City of Sicily occupied city that located on the beach. Including Greek, Roman, Byzantines, Arabs, and those who living in the North Italy. Their presence significantly change the system of governance of the city, they significantly changed all the rules that had already been agreed with residents in Sicily. Due to the very visible is, the absence of regulation through legislation for Citizens Sicily, resulting in abuses occurred. Sicily residents feel unsafe. This is the beginning of the closed nature and protect each others families do of people in Sicily, so the interests of the group become the absolutism for one another.

While the world is dominated by the extraordinary forces from outside the group, the family or their blood relatives is the best place to ask for protection and continued their lives. Later, they became increasingly powerful barons, the barons was occupied the public lands, and divide them into smaller and given to another barons. Then the owners of the land are giving credence to the gabelloti or the tax man. And this gabelloti divided the land into pieces, and rent to users. Gabelloti position is very strategic, because it connects the user and the owner of the land, so it used to take advantage of both. Many crimes are fronted by gabelloti, so it continue to happen. Mafia was born, creating distruction and poor mental attitude. Exemplifies many of the crimes were known until now, such as corruption, collusion and nepotism. They were keeping the interests of the group to maintain its existence and trust of many people. Finally mafia becomes an important position between capital and labor. So do not be surprised if today we still see all of it, because it has been happening for a long time. When at the end, the attitude of our leaders today still follow the patterns that have long identified as corrupt, then they have a similarity with these mafias. Because for them, the group members is an important part to safeguard the sovereignty and the recognition of others.

Lives in early 1800 mafia in the early years it is still leaving a trail of history and its influence on the lives of people in this early 2000. All law enforcement agencies around the world are working hard to fight the crimes of the mafia which has now transformed into something very complex and sophisticated. They no longer rely on the members of the mafia streets, but they have been getting into a lot of state and government systems. In Italy itself, the mafia is a threat that is always haunting. The government has long sought to continue to reduce the number and the crimes committed. Aware that they fought in all sides, then the mafia was not perplexed, so they do a lot of work with policy makers to law enforcement to remain a partner, so that the activities of their crimes continues. Drug trafficking, smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering to occur continuously. Although the international community has responded to the threat of the mafia crime (which is known as organized crime) to make international conventions, and then create the unit and crime intelligence, international finance, but it is not yet fully implemented effectively so that they can be eradicated from the root.

Written by Ryan Eka Permana Sakti

(Researcher at Indonesian Research Center for Anti-Money Laundering/ Combating Financing of Terrorism)


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